Styled Shoot Event Earlybird price!


Hey dear photographer, how great that you want to attend our unique Styled Shoot event. The place where styling, photography come together in a relaxed and accessible way. We at Styled Shoots by Lot. We were one of the first in the Netherlands to start Styled shoots three years ago and together we have a wealth of experience in the field of styling & photography. We will bring this together with you in beautiful styled shoots for your portfolio & a Lot. more.

We will be organizing another beautifully styled shoot event for photographers on three different dates in the coming months.

Are you the photographer who would love to chat with other photographers, in real life, in a relaxed and accessible way and still be able to ask each other that one question that you don't dare to ask online?

The photographer who loves to spend a day with women with the same passion for photography. To develop yourself, but also because you would like to discuss your wonderful profession and work. About all the ups & downs that everyone experiences in their own way. The (un)certainties of the beautiful profession, building your customer base and social media.

Would you like to create beautiful new work for your portfolio and perhaps also start or expand your client closet, so that you can attract the right client for you? And do you actually enjoy going home in the evening feeling satisfied, full of inspiration, with a lot of energy and great portfolio material?

Then our event is really something for you!

The basis of our program is; It will be a very nice and personal event, with nice conversations, great shoots, beautiful models, choosing the clothing of the models yourself and beautiful indoor (and in dry weather also outside) shoot locations with nice light, where you can do your best work. to make. The day starts at 10:00 am around Ede/Arnhem and will last until approximately 5:00 pm.

There are a maximum of 6-8 places available per day. We work in groups of a maximum of 2 per model setting, so you have plenty of space to create your own work.

If you are reading this and thinking 'I really want to be there', then buy your ticket now and come to our great event and we promise you a wonderful, relaxing & valuable day.

You can now shop your ticket for the earlybird price of not 375,- but now €350,- (Note: VAT deductible) A wonderful investment in yourself, in your network, your portfolio, your knowledge and your client closet.

The price for us is really unique, because in addition to working on your portfolio and sparring with your colleagues, you really get a day full of valuable things in addition to the shoots.

1. At least 3/4 fully styled shoots with different models and additional shoots outside in dry weather. We can't reveal the exact locations and types of shoots yet, of course, but trust us, it will be great!

2. A beautiful indoor location around Ede where we can do shoots in different ways with the most beautiful daylight.

3. Beautifully styled models in which you can think about the clothing yourself.

4. Valuable sparring moments with colleagues

5. Lunch included

6. Time and space to take photos of each other for your own social media portfolio (really a must these days)

And last but not least, a beautiful dress for yourself or your client closet as a gift from us to you. In dry weather we will certainly add an outdoor shoot to the program.

In short, a day full of great things! We are of course there for fun, to answer your questions and to help you if you like.

After booking your ticket, you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox (don't forget to fill it out). In the month prior to your Styles Shoot day, you will receive an email from us with some questions and 2 weeks before the date you will receive an email from us with information about the locations, etc.

Love and see you soon!

Jody & Marieke