Sandaal bright mushroom


Step into laid-back elegance with our Bright Shoes, a classic clog redefined. Crafted with velvety suede for a timeless appeal, these shoes seamlessly transition through every season. The soft footbed ensures all-day comfort and support. Adding a touch of cultural flair, authentic African symbolism is laser-etched on the front, making every step a celebration of style and heritage.


  • Size: 38 is 38
  • Made with love in Spain
  • Premium quality Spanish suede construction
  • African symbolism laser-etched on the front of the shoe
  • Easy and convenient step-in design
  • Accessories: metal ring and studs, nickel free
  • Packaging: luxury cardboard CHA box

CHA is an established Dutch label in Amsterdam with production in Spain. Our items are consciously handmade by experienced artisans under very good working conditions resulting in products produced with love.